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  • Access past invoices (up to 12 months)

  • Identify fuel card misuse and driver inefficiencies

  • Full visibility into transactions around specific dates, costs centres or cards

  • Streamlined GST and fuel tax claims using information in your monthly transaction report

  • Security and fraud protection

  • Configurable Smart Alert emails to notify you of card activity outside your set parameters

Get the most out of your Shell Card Online account

New to Shell Card Online? Explore its features with the following video tutorials.

Getting started

Getting started with Shell Card Online

Get to grips with the basics of your Shell Card Online account.

How to log in

Learn how to login and get started with Shell Card Online.

Change password

New account or forgot your password? Learn how to change it here.

Update details

Changed your address or contact details? See how to keep your Shell Card account up to date here.

Card management

Card management with Shell Card Online

Unlock the full potential of Shell Card Online with powerful tools for secure card management, including resetting your PIN and setting purchase restrictions.

Order new or additional cards

Need to order a new, extra or replacement card? Here’s how.

Reset your card PIN

See how to reset your Shell Card’s PIN.

Restrict purchases

Learn how to set limits on purchasing to control expenditure.

Transaction reporting

Shell Card transaction reporting

Shell Card Online offers an extensive range of sophisticated reporting tools, enabling you detailed insights into your operational expenditure. Isolate inefficiencies, limit waste and reduce stress come tax time with single Shell Card statements, making BAS a breeze.

Downloading tax statements

Prepare for your BAS by extracting your transaction statements. Learn how.

View fuel user information

Learn how to use Card List Reports to get information on specific users and card usage.

Downloading and printing reports

Learn how to download and print any report you and your business generates.

See transactions by department or cost centre

Learn how to attribute fuel costs to individual cost centres post-invoicing.

Compare fuel efficiency of vehicles on your account

Get detailed insights into your overall business vehicle efficiency.

How to format your electronic files

See how to download easy to follow editable Excel files for your statements and invoices.

Monitoring your cards

Monitoring your fuel cards

Shell Card Online enables you complete visibility into your Shell Card account, whether you use one or multiple cards. You can set up Smart Alert email notifications, identify fuel card misuse, track expenditures and more.

Use smart alert emails for proactive monitoring

Stay on top of your expenses and ensure the economical running of your fleet with alert thresholds to control the use of your cards.

Using smart alerts to help identify fuel card misuse

See how to get alerted about purchases made outside designated limits, such as fuel volume and spend.

Identify employees not recording odometer readings

Learn how to generate a report that helps identify those not recording odometer readings o their fuel purchases.

Using smart alerts to help identify increased transactions

Learn how set thresholds and time frames to identify card use for personal vehicles.

Better monitor fuel card spending above specified limits

Set thresholds for fuel purchasing and get alerted when those limits are exceeded.

Better monitor transactions made on your fuel cards

Learn how to access Smart Alert reports and refine the usage insights they provide.

Use Smart Alerts to better monitor fuel usage targets

Learn how to set up your smart email alerts to establish your Maximum Transaction Volume.

Managing spend vs budget with Smart Alert reports

See how use Smart Alert reports to prevent unwanted surprises at invoice time.

Invoicing and tax time

Invoicing and Tax time with Shell Card Online

Shell Card Online allows you to prepare for tax time with ease. You can access and download invoices, change the way you receive your invoices and download your tax statements for accounting purposes.

Access and download your invoices

See how to access and download all your invoices and transaction listings to prepare for tax time.

Changing the way you receive invoices

Learn how to update your notification and electronic file delivery preferences.

Downloading tax statements

Learn how to remove the need for individual receipts, and prepare for your BAS by extracting your transaction statements.